The WordPress battle rap plugin

Do you want to host rap battles on your site?
We have got the plugin for you!

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Right now this wordpress plugin is being beta tested, you are more than welcome to join the testing fun we’re having!

If you have a wordpress site and you want to host battles, just download the plugin from the plugin page  and figure out how to set it up. (It’s sort of easy, but it might lack some instructions at this point, and we have no FAQ just jet.)

How it works

  1. Scroll down to the footer to register
  2. Create your Cybersolider avatar-dude-thingie on My Page
  3. You find someone to battle and click the button on their page
  4. Write a title and some text, check on the right that it’s the right person you are battling and click on the Publish button
  5. Follow the link or how ever you want to find the battle and write the first line
  6. A mail is sent to your nemesis and, hopefully they retaliate 🙂